Social media will leave you to believe that you need to leave quarantine with a new skill, business or even having learned a new language. But at the end of the day, you’re living through a global pandemic, and the only thing you need to be focused on is your mental and physical well-being. 

This self-induced “downtime” should be spent pampering yourself, and reconnecting with what makes you happy — not feeling pressure to live up to Instagram expectations. If you do anything, it should be prioritizing your own sanity, and working on a few self-care projects to keep you going until we’re all back outside again. Need a few ideas? Here are a few self-care projects that you can indulge in.


Have a few things that you’ve been pinning to your Pinterest board since last year? Whether it’s a home DIY project you’ve been putting off, a dress you’ve always wanted to create, or even a quilt you’ve always wanted to weave — now is the time. Michaels even offers same day delivery and curbside pickup so that you can do your DIYs at home.

Practice mindfulness and meditation.

It’s safe to say that many of us are stressed and under extreme pressure at the moment. With over 22 million people who have filed for unemployment, children who are out of school and many of us unsure of what the next few months will look like — staying sane is the most important goal. Taking this time to reconnect spiritually will do wonders for your life moving forward. Free apps such as Aura, will help your meditation and mindfulness by offering expert-created mindfulness meditations and life coaching will do wonders for you — and not to mention, it’s completely free for the first three months.

Cleanse your body.

A healthy body = a healthy mind. So now’s the time for a cleanse if you haven’t already! Juice cleansing allows you to shift your mind and body away from eating harmful foods, processed foods, and unnaturally sweet beverages to drinking the natural water in your produce. Not to mention, it will help you against the dreaded #quarantine15. Many popular juice cleanse companies such as Pressed Juicery are still shipping nationwide, and they’ve even partnered with Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar for some immunity boosting shots and drinks.

Upgrade your home.

Since many of us will be at home for the foreseeable future, it only makes sense to upgrade your house to reflect the wellness sanctuary that you’ve been dreaming about. Not only will this increase vibrations of happiness, love, and wealth, but will also do wonders for your productivity in those moments when you can’t find motivation. Upgrading doesn’t have to be in the form of major overhaul either. It can be something as simple as swapping out your mattress for a Stearns & Foster to ensure you’re recharging at optimal comfort, upgrading to Layla Sleep sheets, rearranging some furniture or even adding some greenery to your home.

Have fun.

Haven’t tuned into one of D. Nice’s club quarantine parties yet? What about a Zoom call over happy hour with your girls? Or enjoyed a night of Houseparty? See — if you’ve got time for work and all the other things, then you certainly need to incorporate time for yourself. Quarantine can also be fun, if you let it.

Spring clean.

The one thing that this quarantine aligns with is spring cleaning. Not only will organizing and decluttering make you feel better, but it’s also great for your mental health. Our homes are often a reflection of our lives, and if you’ve been feeling off lately, this will certainly help. 

Virtual workouts.

Move your body not only for the sake of moving your body but also because it makes you feel good afterwards. Exercising releases endorphins that boost your mood and reduce your overall stress. So turn off any news programs where Trump encourages us all to ingest disinfectants and move your body! Most of your favorite gyms such as Rumble, Orangetheory and 305 Fitness offer free workouts, and you can find plenty of workouts through Google, YouTube, and fitness apps.

Do nothing.

And probably the most important of them all — doing nothing! Take a little time out for yourself and rest your mind and body. Not only is it good for the spirit, but it increases productivity for those days when you have to drudge yourself from the bed to the couch.


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