Science Says Marriage May Help Fight Cancer (Seriously!)
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There is nothing like a happy and healthy marriage, and according to a new study, that could be the very thing to help fight cancer, CBS News reports.

Research finds that married men were more likely to beat a cancer diagnosis compared to single men with cancer who had a death rate of 27 percent higher. For women, single female patients had a 19 percent higher death rate than their married countrerparts.

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Scarlett Lin Gomez, the Cancer Prevention Institute of California research scientist, said that the emotional bonds of marriage provides an advantage and motivation to patients fighting the deadly disease.

“Treatments can drag on for months and months,” she said. “It can be very difficult if you’re single and don’t have any other means to get to the doctor. You have somebody who’s there to listen to you, to counsel you through the stress of cancer treatment. Cancer is a scary thing, and it’s good to have someone by your side.”

Who knew that a secret to kicking cancer could be found in wedded bliss?