#TransformationTuesday: Oprah Reveals 42-Pound Weight Loss

Oprah Winfrey is sharing what she’s learned since dropping 42 pounds. 

The media mogul opened up to Weight Watchers magazine, revealing, “Intention is the most powerful principle that rules my world, I do nothing without first thinking about why I’m doing it. What is the real motivation?”

Theresa DiMasi, the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, told ABC News, “She is very open and very open about her journey on Weight Watchers.”

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Oprah has always shared her struggles with weight and in the magazine, the 62-year-old said she learned the key to not only losing weight, but living a better life is self-acceptance.

The fullness of life, the fullness of being, the self-acceptance, I’d never done that before, I’d always beaten myself up because I was tied to a number.”

She added that she no longer punishes herself or feels bad for indulging in guilty pleasures; she just doesn’t eat all of her favorite snacks at once.

Wise words we can definitely live by in the new year!