SPONSORED: Fitness Expert Lita Lewis On How The Power Of Positivity Ties Into Your Wellness Routine
Courtesy of Colgate

As you begin your fitness journey, there is one muscle most of us forget to work out—the mind. But Fitness Expert Lita Lewis knows the power of positivity can help you reverse a negative mindset. 

Make now the time that you declare your assets loudly and proudly, because you are a strong, beautiful woman who is worthy of greatness. From a dazzling smile to stunning hair, find what you love about yourself and use it as a daily affirmation. 

Lita advises that you speak them out loud to yourself each day and let your intentions inspire you to be your best self. Morning is a great time to do this. Try adding it to your routine right after you brush your teeth. Just be sure to choose a toothpaste that not only gives you a sparkling smile, but that also echoes your new, healthy outlook, like Colgate Total. Designed to fight germs for 12 hours after brushing, it leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh. 

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