Brittany Winbush, creator of the wellness brand Alexandra Winbush, was in need of some spiritual guidance to help push her business in the right direction. After some prayer and manifestation, she got the biggest blessing ever – a testimonial from Issa Rae herself!

The entrepreneur shared her story on Twitter, writing, “I’m literally in church talking to God asking Him to guide me in my business, take lead & just give me a push because I’ve been feeling off lately,” she writes. “I grab my phone to take notes from the sermon & see this notification from ISSA FREAKING RAE.”

In a screenshot accompanying the tweet, Issa Rae left a comment under the brand’s National Relaxation Day post on Instagram revealing that she’s now a huge fan of the brand. “A fine gentleman gifted me your September Sixth candle at a PopSugar event and it is my shit,” the Insecure creator writes. “Can’t wait until it’s back in stock. Bought a few others in the meantime. Thank you!”

The September Sixth candle, Rae’s favorite, had previously been out of stock. But thankfully, she won’t have to wait much longer. Winbush followed up her incredible testimony with news that the popular product is now restocked!

If you’re curious at to why Alexandra Winbush is so buzzworthy, the brand doesn’t just sell scented candles. Each product comes with an accompanying tea and a curated playlist to help set the vibe.

Brittany Winbush has also been chronicling her journey of being an entrepreneur on her personal social media pages. In a recent post, she wrote about the grind that comes with being self-employed. “Running Alexandra Winbush is very much a real job,” she writes. “I’ve really been waking up 7am on weekends to work markets that can go on until 8PM not including break down. I really have to miss out on activities with my girls to work. I have real people growing my business that I have to pay real money too.”

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