Black may not crack… but it still needs to be maintained. That’s where Harley Pasternak comes in. The bestselling author, nutrition expert, trainer and Marshalls fitness ambassador has worked the bodies of some of our favorite celebs including Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Nia Long, Kanye West, and more. Not to mention, he’s also a trainer on Khloé Kardashian’s Revenge Body. If you’ve ever wondered what went into getting red carpet ready, his tactics are simple, yet effective, as long as you’re willing to put in the work. Ready put to yourself up for his challenge? Try his Body Reset Diet and make sure you’re hitting at least 12,000 steps a day (without working out). You’ll begin to see results in no time. But with everyone looking to begin their new year resolutions, it can be difficult to try to maintain them after the inspiration that the top of the year typically brings. But according to Pasternak it’s all in your mindset, “Keep in mind, it’s a marathon that never ends, and not a sprint,” he says. “Whatever you do, you need to ask yourself, is this something that I can keep on doing ongoing? It shouldn’t be a cleanse or a fast, that is 10 days, or 15 days or 21 days. You should also do it in stages and gradually increase and progress. If you say you’re going to train for a marathon on January 1st, or you’re going to become a vegan on January 1st, you’re doomed to fail. What’s one thing you’re going to add around the week? Week 1, say, “I’m going to walk around my block everyday for a week.” Or week 2, I’m going to do it twice, week 3 I’m going to add breakfast to my diet. It’s adding these gradual things in order to set yourself up for success.” As Marshalls’ fitness ambassador, Pasternak is an advocate for getting in your workout, by any means necessary — even if that means putting together a few key items for your home gym. Three essential items he recommends that you can find right at your local Marshalls: a pair of dumbbells, a hip circle and a mat (and if not a mat, a bench). All enough to get the job done, even if you’re short on time. And that’s exactly what’s led to the fitness success of perhaps one of his most famous clients: Halle Berry. Pasternak trained Halle Berry during her prime: Catwoman, Gothica, Their Eyes Were Watching God. X Men 2 and X Men 3. But how has she kept her prime figure after all of these years? “She lives the lifestyle, she has a pretty balanced diet,” shares Pasternak. “She’s active and she never over does every exercise. She’s not the person who says, “I’m going to spend 2 hours or more in the gym everyday. We did short workouts together and that’s what we found successful. Short, 25 minute workouts together while we were on a film set together for 5 weeks: 5 minutes upper body, 5 minutes lower body, 5 minutes abs, 5 minutes cardio and 5 minutes for cool down. I actually even wrote two books with her: 5-Factor Fitness and 5-Factor Diet. She has a commitment to balance and health.” Don’t let the smoke and mirrors of reality television fool you, Pasternak is committed to each and every one of his clients wellbeing — well beyond what you see on TV. “It’s amazing because I was selected 15 years ago to be the trainer on Biggest Loser season 1, and I pulled out just before they started shooting — I didn’t like the message,” he shares. Continues, “You’re taking people away from their families and not giving them tools they need to succeed because you’re putting them on a fat farm and screaming, yelling and berating them. I didn’t want my kids to watch that. With Revenge Body, these are people who are motivated, and you can take the word revenge out of it and replace it with reset, renew and re-cleanse. We’re not taking them away from their families or jobs, or responsibilities. We’re just equipping them with the tools they need to be successful. For me, it’s about the walking the steps and the food, because those are things they’ll be able to do far after I’m gone.” Catch Harley Pasternak on Revenge Body on E!