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#FitxFestival: Join the 6-Month ESSENCE Fitness Challenge

Uncover your best body yet with our team
#FitxFestival: Join the 6-Month ESSENCE Fitness Challenge
Tierra Taylor

In the January 2016 issue, we unveil a six-month plan to discover your best body yet. A few of our staffers have committed to putting this strategy into action to discover optimal fitness—just in time for the annual ESSENCE Fest in New Orleans this July and the inaugural Essence Festival in Durban, South Africa, next fall.

And don’t let us have all the body breakthroughs! Grab your coworkers or friends to start your own fitness support group and share your journey with us at lifestyle@essence.com and online using the hashtag #fitxfestival!

See our motivations for getting physical:
“As I get older, I want to do all I can through a healthy diet and exercise to keep my body right and tight!”  —Allyson Brown, creative director, marketing

“I may be thin, but I want to get to the top of my walkup and not be out of breath. I also want chiseled arms and legs like my high school track and field days. Michelle Obama. I’m coming for you.”  —Deena Campbell,  ESSENCE.com Beauty and Hair Editor

“I look forward to wearing skinny jeans with a shirt tucked in—and loving what I look like when I take it all off.”  —Pamela Edwards Christiani,  Beauty & Style Director

“I hope to have a baby in a few years and want my best body before pregnancy.”  —Charreah K. Jackson, Lifestyle & Relationships editor

“I want to ensure I am beach-body ready for our first global festival!”  —Christian A. Mitchell, Partnership Development Manager

“My current challenge has been in selecting a time to workout and the fact that my weight fluctuates more as I age. I love group encouragement and learning new ways to improve my workout and general health.”   —Rashida Morgan-Brown, Associate Art Director

“I’m doing this to prove to myself that I have the willpower to trans-form my body into what I’ve always dreamed. My ultimate goal: to wear crop tops and body cons without thinking twice.” —Michelle Nance, Live Events Coordinator  

“I want to be walking along, notice my reflection, stop, spin around and say, ‘Well hello there!’”  —Lynda Peterson, Executive assistant to the president

“I have been battling my weight my entire life. When I finished grad school I was nearly 50 pounds heavier than I was at my college graduation, and truthfully, I’ve been battling those 50 pounds since. No matter how good I feel losing weight over the years, until I change my habits for good, it will be temporary bliss. I’m ready to do this for the last time!” —Charli Penn, ESSENCE.com Relationships Editor

“Two babies and three dress sizes later, I’d like to get control of my weight, and get my core strength back.” —Yolanda Sangweni, Entertainment Editor, ESSENCE.com

“I’m on a journey to having it all and that includes being in the best shape!”  —Cara Walker, Integrated Marketing Manager

Stay tuned as we share what we are eating, drinking and how we are discovering our best bodies yet. We are determined to be #fitxfestival. Will you join us?