As an award-winning actress, Taraji P. Henson has graced a myriad of stages and been in tons of exclusive rooms. As a Black woman in Hollywood, she says she continuously demands her worth in the workplace.

During a segment with ESSENCE Wellness House sponsored by Ford, the Empire star and D.C. native joined our panel called “Black Women in The Workplace.” She discussed how Black women every day are constantly confronted with challenges that impact their mental health. She is no exception.

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The way she safeguards herself both professionally and emotionally is making sure her team is culturally competent. “I make sure that my team understands how I have to maneuver through the industry,” she says. “You can’t be void of the issues I have to deal with, because if I feel any kind of microaggression on set, I’m going to come to my manager or agent to talk about it. I make sure that when I have people on my team, they are culturally competent.”

Amen to that! Check out the full clip above.


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