At a time when people are grasping for answers about COVID-19 and how long this pandemic will last, it’s not totally surprising that false information is popping up left and right on the internet. Dr. Lauren Powell, aka the Culinary Doctor, joined the ESSENCE Wellness House Virtual Summit to discuss health and nutrition in the age of coronavirus.

ESSENCE relationships and wellness director Charli Penn asked Dr. Powell where folks can go to find accurate information about staying healthy. “We have to look at the source, because anybody can publish anything on the internet,” she responded. “I think there’s a lot of physicians and medical providers that are using their social media platforms to explore and express information, and that’s a great place. The CDC has great information that is regulated.”

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Unfortunately, it seems that false coronavirus remedies are popping up everywhere. Dr. Powell says she’s received texts saying drinking water can potentially flush the virus out of your system (something that is medically impossible). “People are unfortunately using this time to prey on people’s fears and emotions, so I would say look at the source that you’re getting the information from.”

Dr. Powell also recommends reaching out to your doctor via Telemedicine and email.

Check out her full list of tips in the video above.


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