After weeks of being in the house to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, you might be feeling a mix of emotions: stress, confusion or maybe even restlessness. This is all normal. But what if this was an opportunity for you to look inward?

The Breakfast Club host and author Charlamagne Tha God talked about mental health in the age of the coronavirus at the ESSENCE Wellness House Virtual Summit. During a session hosted by ESSENCE Relationships & Wellness Director Charli Penn, Charlamagne expressed what he believes this pandemic is showing us about ourselves.

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“This quarantine is making a lot of us see ourselves for the first time,” he says. “I don’t have a haircut. The beard is coming in and the grays are showing. My hairline is social distancing from my forehead…but that’s just all physical stuff. I’m talking about the inner you, because we don’t have anything but time to sit down and reflect about where we are.”

He also says that, due to the fatality rate of this virus, many of us should be thinking about the legacy we want to leave behind. “If I make it through this, what am I going to do moving forward?,” he asks.

Check out the thought-provoking conversation in the clip above.


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