Motivational speaker, best-selling author and faith leader Sarah Jakes Roberts has a message of hope for the world as we struggle together to find hope and positivity amid the global coronavirus pandemic—stay strong.

Jakes Roberts was one of many though-leaders in the health and wellness space who spoke at the first annual ESSENCE Wellness House Virtual Summit: Taking Care In The Wake Of Global Pandemic on Tuesday, March 31st. Jakes Roberts, daughter of spiritual leader Bishop TD Jakes,  offered some positive reflection for the audience during this difficult time. Jakes Roberts, who is also the founder of the Women Evolve ministry, designed to help women reach their fullest potential, shared her personal experiences with finding ways to practice peace and gratitude at home with her husband, The Potter’s House at One LA’s Pastor Touré Roberts, and their kids.

During her moving presentation, Jakes Roberts shared three things in particular that she finds “useful and helpful to you in maintaining faith”.

Staying Present In This Season

“Staying present means that you’re going to live fully in these moments, even though it’s not easy. Sometimes we can just focus so much on ‘I’m coming out of this’, ‘I’m going to be on the other side’, ‘I’m going to just overcome’ that we don’t live fully in the moment. I think the best way to maintain our emotional and spiritual and mental health in this season is to be honest about how we’re feeling and staying present. How are you doing today? Not how are you going to be doing, not what’s going to happen, but how are you feeling presently in this moment.”

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Acknowledge and Give Gratitude For What Hasn’t Changed

“there are things that I do throughout the day that I would have been doing regardless of whether we were in a pandemic or not. Sometimes we can think so much about how life has changed and what we’re not able to do anymore and how we’re not able to function the way that we used to that we miss out on seeing things that haven’t changed….take a moment and give gratitude for the things that haven’t changed.”

 Actively Take Time To See Outside Of Yourself

“I was walking with my 10-year-old, and I realized I’ve been so consumed with how I’m experiencing this that I haven’t asked her how she’s navigating this process…how she’s feeling about this… Make sure that you realize this is happening to everyone, it’s not just happening to you.”

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