At the top of 2017, in need of an exercise routine to be excited about, I started hot yoga at a local studio in Brooklyn. In walking distance of my apartment, with a diverse attendance, great instructors and affordable monthly rate, I was pulled in. Oh, and my favorite instructor goes from Beyoncé to A Tribe Called Quest on her class playlist! Nonetheless, I got into it immediately —but along the way I learned a couple hacks to make the experience even better. Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil First thing to know about hot yoga is that the room is anywhere from 95 to 104 degrees, depending on which form of the practice you take. Either way it’s HOT. And a hot, sweaty environment means open pours. Something I do to take advantage of the heat is to massage Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil into my scalp for follicle stimulation. In addition to making my scalp feel all fresh and tingly, it’s a great way to promote natural hair growth. Yoga Design Lab Mat You can get an inexpensive mat anywhere, but I highly suggest investing in one that will absorb your sweat and give your feet traction for all those poses. Yoga Design Lab has a ton of gorgeous mat designs and they vary for commuting lifestyle. Best part: They can be machine washed to refreshen for you next session. Tsamma Watermelon Juice + Coconut Water Blend Honestly, watermelon is the unofficial fruit of the summer. Not gonna argue this one, it’s just true. Tsamma, owned and operated by Sarah Frey for over twenty years, creates a delicious watermelon drink infused with coconut water that’s fantastic for post-workout. I drink this throughout class and finish off immediately after. Not only is Tsamma’s drink a natural way to replenish those electrolytes and recover, it’s incredibly light and refreshing. HUM Nutrition Raw Beauty Coconut & Pineapple Tropical Infusion Once you get home a great way to boost your energy is with a Daily Raw Greens superfood powder. HUM Nutrition —who makes amazing biotin supplement I swear by— has one with antioxidants, adaptogens for energy, probiotics and fiber. Swedish Massage  If you can make it work financially, I highly suggest a Swedish massage every month to keep those joints limber. For those of you in New York City, Haven Spa in Greenwich Village has a signature Swedish massage that uses oils to reduce excessive friction and nourish your skin. They also have a full-service nail salon and relaxing steam room to enjoy for a spa day. For non-heated classes, YogaWorks is celebrating 30 years in the business with a month of special events designed to honor your journey and strengthen your commitment to your #GrowthGoals. During the month of September each YogaWorks studio will offer special retro-themed classes. Find out which ones are going on through the rest of the month, here.