If you’re looking for some motivation to live healthier in quarantine, look no further than Ayesha Curry for inspiration.

The Food Network host and wife of NBA player Stephen Curry debuted her slim and trim figure in a May Instagram post, which has since garnered over 1 million likes. In a recent interview with Yahoo Canada Lifestyle, Curry explained how she was able to shed an impressive 35 pounds during the coronavirus pandemic, which she achieved in part thanks to her partnership with Fitbit Premium.

“Fitbit Premium has come in handy through quarantine,” says Curry. It was great while I was traveling and out of my routine—I was able to tap into the vast library workout content anytime, anywhere so I didn’t fall off track. It’s a great resource for at-home and on-the-go workouts.”

Curry also said in a July post that Fitbit allowed to incorporate healthy habits into her schedule with its easy ten-minute workouts and fast, healthy recipes. “I started my fitness journey because I wanted to be strong and healthy for myself and the people who depend on me,” she says. “But it was important that I did it my way, which meant I needed working out to fit in my life, NOT take me away from it.”

If you’re just getting started, Curry suggests investing in some simple fitness equipment like, “two- and three-pound weights; resistance bands; a good, cushy mat; and a bench or chair.” She also says being mindful of portion control, eating nutritious green vegetables and drinking 32 ounces of water before noon each day have helped her shed the pounds.

Best of all, bringing her husband and children along for the journey has kept her motivated. “Stephen and I have been riding bikes outside together, which has been really nice,” she tells Yahoo! “Even the kids will get in on the workouts sometimes! It’s kind of like summer camp with Stephen and I both home, so we try and keep the kids active.”

You can find more of  Ayesha’s health tips, workouts and nutritious recipes on Fitbit Premium.


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