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Work It! 7 Ways To Get In Shape Without Stepping Foot In A Gym

The gym isn't for everyone, and that's ok! These 7 other exercise alternatives can also help you reach your fitness goals.

Let’s face it – it’s not uncommon for folks to start the year off with lofty fitness goals and abandon them by springtime. Before 2019 ended, I’m sure gyms and health clubs bombard you with insane discounts and deals to try and get your membership.

Truthfully, the gym is not for everyone…and that’s ok. Just because you’re not a fan of the elliptical or get bored easily on the treadmill doesn’t mean there’s no hope for you to get in shape. There’s a world of fitness option out there for you sis, and plenty of them don’t require hitting the gym. You can still get that summer body you always wanted, your way.

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Here are seven alternatives to the gym that will whip you into shape, fit with your busy schedule and move you closer to your overall fitness goals.