Miami, Cancun, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas. The list of locations goes on and on, but where will you be for the most anticipated week of the year—Spring Break? More importantly, do you have everything you need?

Spring Break, the vacation we’ve all been waiting for, is swiftly approaching. We look forward to the days when we can live a carefree life as we push forward in the middle of the semester. Packing can even be stressful after a long week of midterms. All you’re probably thinking about is the first drink you’ll have when you get off the plane, but first focus on what you need before you’re on your way. What are the top essentials you’ll need for your trip? And don’t think about a book for sitting poolside and your most expensive pair of shades. If you’ve ever been on a Spring Break trip, then you know a book is actually the last thing you’ll need, and your fancy shades will probably go missing. So what do you really need?

1. Bathing suits top the list for your essentials. If you have to ask yourself if you packed enough bathing suits, chances are you didn’t. This is your time to wear your bathing suit as your outfit with no one looking at you like you’re weird. Make sure to pack bathing suits that won’t find their way off by the middle of happy hour. Pack classy suits with the right amount of skin to turn heads.

2.  Bring multiple outfits and make sure they are all for different occasions. One day on Spring Break can find you on a beach, on a boat and at a club—one outfit a day wont cut it. But remember, pack light outfits that still allow you to show off your style.

3. Toiletries, toiletries, toiletries. How many times have you gotten to your location and realized you forgot toothpaste or sunscreen? Plenty of times, I’m sure. Double and triple check your bag to make sure you have every toiletry that you need. Shampoo, sunscreen, lotion, make-up (that it’ll be too hot to wear), body wash, deodorant, etc. Sometimes the smallest things are what we need to carry with us the most.

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4. Money, credit card, gift card—whatever you decide to use on your trip. Be careful with money on Spring Break. Locals know when it’s Spring Break time and they over charge because they know drunken people may not think twice about swiping or they’ll try to obliviously rob you. In countries where they don’t speak English, be extra careful. When I was in Cancun for Spring Break, I swiped my card for a t-shirt that I was told was $10, but I was charged $70. Call your bank if you feel like something is sketchy. Be careful not to over spend; after all you still have two months of the semester to survive after the festivities are over.

5. Your phone, of course! Be careful of being drunk and having your phone by water, I’ve seen phones get lost plenty of times because of that. However, do make sure that you are taking pictures for lasting memories with your Spring Break crew. If you’re out of the country, don’t waste money for global data trying to post a picture to Instagram. Wait to get wi-fi, and post all you want, just don’t be the annoying spring breaker who posts everything. Actually take time out to enjoy yourself and put your phone down, it needs a vacation too.

6. Last, and definitely not least, bring your liver and be prepared to have one of the best vacation experiences ever. Alcohol is to a spring breaker what candy is to a kid, but know your limits. Along with your liver make sure you have Advil, Tylenol or any other medicine that you’ll possibly need the morning after a long night (every night is a long night). 

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Asia Milia Ware is a ESSENCE College Ambassador at Hampton University. She majors in Strategic Communications with a minor in English. She aspires to be a fashion editor-at-large and an entrepreneur. In her spare time she works out, writes, travels and styles outfits. You can follow her on Instagram @MissAsiaMilia. #EssenceSquad