4 Motivational Videos You Must Watch If You Want to Grind Harder
Bambu Productions/GETTY Images

Motivation is defined as “the state or condition of being motivated, or having a strong reason to act or accomplish something.”

Now, why does this seem so simple on paper, but so hard to put into practice in real life?  Contrary to popular belief, keeping yourself motivated is not as simple as 1-2-3. And no matter how hard you click your heels and snap your fingers, if you don’t feel like getting your work done, you probably won’t do it. 

How many times have you said that you were going to start working out to get your body ready for the summer, but just haven’t been motivated after class to go to the gym?  Or how many times have you said that you were going to start working on turning your dreams into a reality, but just can’t stay motivated to get the process started?

Don’t beat yourself up if this is your struggle. Even the people that we admire the most for being “go-getters” sometimes struggle with feeling inspired and productive. The only solution is to recognize the problem and to push through, to force yourself to get the job done.

We all need a little push, nudge and sometimes a “girl you need to get it together,” from a close friend to get ourselves back on the ball. Because y’all are my girls, and I want to see y’all succeed, I have created a list of four motivational videos that will help you to increase your grind.

Watch. Get inspired. Make it happen.