Do you desperately need some workout inspiration? We all have those days when we don’t feel like getting up and breaking a sweat, but thanks to Rhythm Rumble coach Cheryl Lynn Jones, you have the daily fitness encouragement you need! Check out 10 motivational quotes to get you up and moving and feeling great, everyday. 

1. “Every day that we wake up, we should thank God and our body for the gift of movement.”

2. “The power to change begins with the relationship between mind and body.”

3.“The resistant you feel, overcome that and embrace it.”

4. “We have to make sure we take care of our bodies, that they’re maintained and we get a tune-up.”

5. “It’s all about moving and stretching, and moving past any inhibitions you may have.”

6. “In life we all have to play our part… Liberate yourself and free your mind.”  

7. “Your mind is a extension of our spiritual body.”

8. “Think of something you wouldn’t normally do today, step out in the unknown, and watch how your life changes when you continue to trust, trust, trust.”

9. “It’s the integrity of our thoughts that sustains us.” 

10. “The next time you look in the mirror, ask yourself if you like what you see. If the answer is no, then know that whatever doesn’t suit you, you have the power to change it.”