What started as a dream six years ago has become a tradition as 100 lucky students from around the country attended the Disney Dreamers Academy, with Steve Harvey and ESSENCE, March 7-10, 2013. Dreamers were inspired by the wisdom and real talk shared by corporate leaders, educators and even some famous celeb faces. Dreamers took copious notes, shed a tear or two and left encouraged to follow their dreams  after the program in Walt Disney World. Tracy D. Powell, Executive Champion, Disney’s Dreamers Academy, said it best, “It is phenomenal to see these students come in as beginning dreamers and leave here transformed into major dreamers ready to go to the next level.”  Here are a few quotes from the speakers to get you fired up and ready to make your dreams come true: Meg Crofton, President, Walt Disney Park and Resorts, U.S. and France: “What is a dream and how do you make it come true? I believe, as a famous Disney song says, “That a dream is a wish that your heart makes.” Making those dreams come true can sometimes be a challenge. Walt Disney’s approach was a formula called the “Four C’s”. The “Four Cs” stand for curiosity, confidence, courage, and consistency  Walt believed the greatest of these “Four Cs” is confidence. In other words, when we believe in something, believe in it all the way.” Steve Harvey, National Entertainer/Radio and TV Personality: “Your dream is the most important component of your life, outside of your relationship with God. No were in the scripture does it say “a man without an education will perish,” but it does say “a man without a dream will perish”. A dream is what makes you get your hustle on; your dream is what makes you grind when you feel like quitting.” Mikki Taylor, Editor-at-Large, Essence Magazine: “I believe dreams are divinely instilled because the creator doesn’t order anything that he doesn’t intend to use. It is your job to identify your dreams, thereby honoring your creator.” Yolanda Adams, Gospel Superstar/Radio Personality: “You have to have something to live for; you have to have something to strive for. God is so awesome, he puts more than one dream inside of you; once you attain one, you can keep on going.” Sonia Jackson Myles, founder and author,The Sister Accord: “I am a person of possibilities. I believe there are no limits to what you can accomplish. Have the dream. Listen to that still, small voice. Then start visualizing.” Will Packer, Producer/Director, Rainforest Films: “Dreams are not just important, they are essential to the soul. I get told “no” all the time. No one is going to believe in me more than I am going believe in myself. I will never let my passion and confidence in myself die.” Ahsan, Interscope Records Recording Artist: “If you have a dream, you have to go out and do whatever you need to do to fulfill that dream. I almost got shot…and I had to overcome the whole thing to pursue my dreams.” Ginger and Robbi Howard, Top junior golfers (often called the “Venus and Serena  of golf”) Robbi: “Setting small goals to work toward my dreams has helped me a lot.” Ginger: “Yes, just having faith in myself, consistency, and so much hard work, because the dream never stops.  You can never doubt it…you can do anything you put your mind to.” Bernard Kinsey, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur and Curator of the Kinsey Collection: “If you don’t have any dreams, you might as well climb into your casket. It is that simple. You need a dream to wake up everyday to fuel your heart and your passion.  Without a dream, you cannot overcome obstacles that are right in front of you. With a dream you can widen your focus and create more opportunites for yourself…”