9 Things Every Black Woman Should Do On A Girls Trip

Assemble your circle -- we've got your ultimate summer girls trip bucket list.

Lauren Porter Jun, 29, 2017

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Who ever said getting your dance on with your girls was a bad idea! Turn on a squad-approved jam and let your hair hang down. Channel the ladies from Waiting to Exhale and have a moment full of love, laughter and just plain fun.

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What’s a girls trip without a shopping moment? Instead of spending for yourself, try this. Put each of your friends' names in a bowl, have each special lady draw a name and whoever they pick is the person they treat for the day. Set a spending limit and find them something they will always cherish. Nothing says "I love you bestie" like a keepsake with a wonderful sentiment attached.

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Kick off your shoes and relax your feet by spending some quality time together by the water. Whether you get a tan or lounge under the cabana, the super stress-relieving and calming time will give you and your girls the much needed me time together you deserve

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Who doesn't love a good slumber party with friends? Throw on your favorite PJs, curl up on the couch, pour some wine and pass the snacks for a girls-night-in full of giggles, tears of laughter and everything in between. Sometimes, the best memories come from low-key moments on vacation like these.

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Wake up just before sunrise and hit the trail. Or, go into town and try a dish you've all been eyeing. Hey, that's what having your girls along for the ride is all about. Whether you're hiking up a mountain or facing your biggest fear, there is nothing like having your circle of trust and support system by your side to cheer you on.

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A man-pedi for you; a Swedish massage for her; a fun-facial for her. Hurry up and go hit the spa with your girls before it gets all booked up. Go 'head sis. You guys deserve it!

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This one might be more on the wild side, but it’s totally worth it for the laughs. Head to a local cowboy bar, throwback to the Old West days and do it for the 'gram. Have a few cocktails (or brews if that’s what you’re into) and see how long you last on the mechanical bull! It’s a little out there but hey, why not?


Wearing matching squad shirts or coordinated colors with the girls will make for one magical photo opp you'll all want to frame. When you look like a unit, you'll definitely feel like one!

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Every girls trip calls for an adventure. Whether you're seeing the sights internationally or domestically, take some time to go check out the local area's best offerings. Snap great photos and document all of the experience.