Bronx-Based Ghetto Gastro Debuts Kitchenware Collection Exclusively For Target
Credit: Ghetto Gastro

From Cardi B to Fat Joe, it’s clear that “yesterday’s price is not today’s price,” for Bronx born creatives. The same goes for Ghetto Gastro, the collective of chefs/entrepreneurs who were proudly born and bred in The Bronx — especially after they announced last week that their countertop collection of kitchen electrics from CRUXGG launched exclusively at Target. 

Jon Gray, Pierre Serrao, and Lester Walker are the four creative geniuses behind the brand, and their mission is to change the thinking around dining by using classic techniques to make approachable, culturally relevant and thoughtful dishes. Active on the food scene since 2012, it’s safe to say that they are having their moment.

More than a year after releasing their inaugural CRUXGG collection for Williams Sonoma in collaboration with Crux Founder, Shae Hong, they’re back for round two with the collection for Target. The triple-coat matte black and red collection was a massive hit—the TRNR, a rotating double waffle iron, sold out in 72 hours.

“From the moment we linked up with Shae, the vibe was there and we quickly realized that we shared similar philosophies on culture and communities, as well as our continued drive to create what we want which, ultimately, is what the game is missing.” says Jon Gray, co-founder of Ghetto Gastro.

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This futuristic, meets 90s nostalgia release from Ghetto Gastro will be available widely online as well as at over 1,700 Target doors nationwide. It is designed to be like merchandise for the kitchen countertop and features 8 products in 2 distinctive colorways: SMOKE and SNOW—a matte grey and a matte white with signature red accents and a Nintendo Game Boy-inspired digital display. 

“Kitchens have always been the heart of the home— they’re meant for gathering—and are increasingly becoming an extension of an individual’s personal style,” says CRUX founder and CEO, Shae Hong. 

This launch also marks the first time that there is a purpose driven brand for the kitchen counter—CRUXGG has a permanent giveback component—5% of profits will go directly to a collective of nonprofits that are working to end food insecurity. 

Hong added, “The CRUX design studio worked closely with Ghetto Gastro to create products that are design-driven and function-focused, while serving a purpose beyond the kitchen. CRUXGG’s mission is to uplift communities, and we’re committed to giving back 5% of our proceeds to organizations fighting food insecurity.”