Get Lost: 72 Hours in Puerto Morelos, Mexico
Photo by: Patrice J. Williams

Ask anyone if they’ve ever been to Puerto Morelos and you’ll probably get one of two responses: “I’ve never heard of it” or “I love it!” Though it’s located right between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, the small town has the quaint feel you can’t get from the party atmosphere of its Riviera Maya neighbors.

But what makes Puerto Morelos so magical? Though it’s relaxing, that doesn’t mean it’s a boring destination with nothing more to do than lounge on the beach of your all inclusive resort while sipping watered down mojitos. Puerto Morelos is the definition of small but mighty. The downtown area has no shortage of chic cafes and restaurants serving the freshest seafood and authentic Mexican fare. Also, for the adventure seekers, the diving and snorkeling here is world class and home to the world’s second largest barrier reef.

It’s far from the party vibe most people associate Cancun with but still sure to satisfy any chill girl’s trip or couple’s getaway.

And if you only have a few days of travel (hey, not everyone’s blessed with major PTO!) or want a respite after a party-heavy vacation, just a few days in Puerto Morelos is enough to do the trick. Here’s where to go, stay and what to do if you choose to visit this town that’s low on a touristy footprint and high on culture and Instagrammable moments.

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