This Couple’s Foodie Adventures Has Us Ready To Eat Our Way Across The Globe
Photo Credit: @foodlife_tampabay

One of the best parts about exploring new destinations is getting to try all the delicious eats. Whether domestic or international, food plays a big part in one’s travel adventures and is a great way to learn about other cultures. Add to that a dope partner to share all your experiences with and you’re pretty much set for life.

That’s exactly how the dynamic duo, Harmony and Jen, from @foodlife_tampabay feel. The delicious shots of their foodie adventures from their home in Tampa, Florida to Mexico and beyond caught our eye and had us ready to eat! Not to mention the fact that they are too cute for words as they share ice cream cones, dine on scrumptious seafood, sip cocktails on the beach and share laughs that fill the soul.

If you believe that food is love (and we know you do!) check out a few of our favorite photos from Harmony and Jen’s foodie jaunts that had us ready to eat our way around the world right along with them.

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