These Expert Wine Pairings Will Elevate Your Holiday Experience
Photo Credit: Cha McCoy
Prepping the perfect holiday menu can be notoriously stressful, especially if you’re hosting the family dinner and are charged with choosing the wine. But how do you know which wine goes best with which dish? Sommelier Cha McCoy is used to getting these types of questions around the holiday season. The civil engineer turned wine connoisseur fell in love with wine in Rome while obtaining her MBA, and later founded The Communion, a casual pop-up wine dinner McCoy throws in her native New York and around the globe. Her tip for wine newbies? “Good wine comes at all prices and from all around the world. It’s about finding what varietals and styles you enjoy and learning them by tasting different producers. And never forget that there is a wine for all meals and every type of cuisine. The fun part is doing the research by tasting enough wine until you find your perfect match.” If you’re looking to perfect wine to pair with your holiday dishes, McCoy got you covered with these expert tips sure to elevate your experience, and make your meal the toast of the town.
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