Tabitha Brown’s feel-good energy lives in our heads rent-free. For the past year, she’s been the internet’s virtual bestie that inspires us to eat good and reminds us not to be too hard on ourselves. After sharing her creative plant-based recipes with millions online, the North Carolina native is now cooking up a brand-new batch of recipes for her first-ever cookbook.

According to People, Brown’s inspirational book, Feeding the Soul (Because It’s My Business), will be published by William Morrow and will be released on Sept. 28th. Her cookbook release will directly follow. “Sharing that with the world in my book is such a blessing,” she told the magazine, “and my hope is that readers will take the same feeling away after reading it.”

Brown first turned to veganism after battling chronic headaches and fatigue for a year and a half. In May 2020, she told ESSENCE, “I said, ‘God. I’m exhausted, and I really don’t see any light in this. But if you will heal me, you can have me, and I will do whatever you ask.’” Shortly afterward, Brown’s daughter Choyce recommended she watch a documentary she’d seen in school called What The Health. It inspired her to go on a 30-day vegan challenge with her husband. Brown soon noticed her headaches went away, and she overall had more energy.

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In Feeding the Soul, Brown shares stories from her own life, peppering in anectodes with her unique, upbeat humor her fans love her for.


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