Step into Spring With These Delicious Floral Cocktails Perfect For The Weekend
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It’s been a crazy winter for many of us around the country, so we’re all welcoming the beginning of spring with open arms. So much so that we’re willing to celebrate it with a toast or two (can you say cheers to the weekend?) If you really want to get into the spirit, theme your cocktails around the blooms of the season—flowers and garden-fresh herbs. “People may not know about St-Germain,” says Stephanie Hodge, owner of Bar Savvy, an Atlanta-based mobile bartending and bar staffing service. “The elderflower liqueur adds a nice refreshing floral aspect to elevate your cocktails. I use St-Germain to freshen my champagne. Or I use it with Grey Goose Pear and fresh lemon juice. The citrus and fruity pear really bring out the floral taste.”
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But to really steep your drinks in the savors of the season, opt to make your own simple syrup, the mixologist suggests. From edible flowers like rose, hibiscus and lavender to plucked-fresh-from-the-garden herbs like dill, mint, rosemary and lemon verbena, boil equal parts sugar and water with your plant of choice to make a full-flavored simple syrup. “I love to make lavender simple syrup,” she says. “Ladies love lemon drops. So, make a lavender or lilac syrup to elevate that lemon drop. It’s a really nice flavor accent.” And whatever you do, don’t forget to garnish. It definitely creates that finished look and “aha moment,” according to Hodge. Anything from edible flowers to the vibrant greenery of a fresh sprig of herbs can lend your drink that seasonal pop of color. Ready to unleash your inner mixologist? Then grab your crew and have a toast to spring with these yummy cocktail recipes.


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