These Sexy Vodka Cocktails Are Just What You Need To Start The Weekend Off Right
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We made it through another work week (yay!!) so of course it’s time to celebrate. But this week we’re not whipping up one of our usual cocktails and punches, instead, we’re spicing things up a bit with a few sexy vodka cocktails. We got you, sis.

Vodka is often misjudged as a harsh liquor you only sip on when you’re trying to get turnt, but let us be the first to tell you it’s so much more than that. Vodka cocktails are as smooth as they come, and definitely made for the grown and sexy.

From champagne blends for toasting to love to honey-laced mixes perfect for a romantic breakfast in bed, we’ve rounded up a few tasty recipes sure to turn the heat up and start your weekend off right.

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