Eat Your Way Through The Caribbean With These Slamming Street Foods
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“As with many countries around the world, if you are looking to fully immerse yourself in local culture, a street food cart is the ideal spot to do so,” says Trinidad-born celebrity chef, restauranteur and the Cooking Channel’s Man Fire Food host Roger Mooking. “Each island has their own specialties and are all worth exploring.” 

Plus, street food is more than just an authentic Caribbean experience. Many would argue that street food vendors offer a far more superior product than what’s found in restaurants. Among those subscribing to that belief is Denville Myrie, a Jamaica-raised food truck chef, who operates his JerkatNite food truck in the metro D.C area. In his experience as both a food truck merchant and someone who regularly visits the islands, Myrie says street food vendors win the “taste contest” because they concentrate their efforts on select foods.

“If you ever go to a jerk man, you’ll notice that he’s selling you chicken and bread; he’s not selling you chicken, rice, cabbage, plantain, and all that stuff. He is focusing on that chicken,” Myrie says. “The street vendors put more passion into the food because you have to smell it, look at it, in order to trust them to buy it. It’s literally what you see is what you get.”

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Myrie admits that when traveling, it’s easy to get comfortable with the seemingly endless food and drink options of all-inclusive resorts who rely on imports to feed their guests. But he urges tourists to venture off these private properties in an effort to fuel local commerce (Note: While tourism is a major economic driver for many Caribbean nations, the heavy reliance on food imports has unintentionally damaged local agriculture and food industries).

“The food ends up tasting better because it’s from the land,” Myrie says, suggesting that street food vendors are more likely to source their products from local farmers, fishermen and food producers. “So, if and when you see street food vendors, I encourage you to support them.”

There are so many places outside of the resort to find great food. But how will you know what to order? We turned to chefs Mooking, Myrie and a few others to help us break down the best street foods on these popular islands. So, let’s hit the road!


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