16 Easy, Fun, Feel-Good New Year’s Resolutions You'll Actually Want to Keep In 2017

Finally, here’s a to-do list for the New Year that you’ll actually enjoy sticking to.

Charli Penn Dec, 27, 2016

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Making New Year's resolutions is easy. Keeping them is exhausting. But, what if it didn't have to be? We've rounded up easy resolutions that are fun to keep and will make you feel more amazing in 2017. Ready, set, go girl!

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Many of us are guilty of having unused paid time off left over at the end of the year. No more being too busy to enjoy much-deserved vacation time. Say it with us: That ends in 2017!

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Reach out to an old college sorority sister or a high school best friend. Sure Facebook and Instagram keep you up to date on the big moments in each other’s live, but isn’t it time to make new memories together? Double tap that!

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While skydiving is no doubt amazing, learning to play guitar or samba dance can be too. Finish this sentence in 2017: I’ve been wanting to try [insert something awesome on your bucket list] forever. Why wait another minute?

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Recall the last time you quietly said to yourself “can I do this?” Now go and begin to make strides toward said thing and remember that the answer to your burning question has always been “hell yes!”

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When was the last time you enjoyed a moment without having a device in your hand or next to you? Phones down and smiles on! When you’re with the ones you love, be with them. Don’t let your attention wander anywhere else and you’ll have even more family fun coming your way next year.


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Here’s one resolution where you can’t go wrong. Write a list of the things in life you enjoy doing the most, then pick one and do lots of it in 2017. No excuses. It’s a shortcut to finding more joy in the New Year.

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If there’s a fight inside you trying to break through, let it out in 2017. Whether you’re negotiating for a raise, championing a good cause or joining a protest movement, just stand up for what you believe in.

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Staying on your daily grind comes with lots of wins and success, but very little fresh air and sunshine. In 2017, take a little more time to unplug completely or work and meet outside.


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When your best friend got married, you (and your credit card) were there for all of the bachelorette fun. When your sister had her first baby, you went all out to spoil her and the little one. You never forget to be awesome to others, but for the New Year

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Want to feel even better about 2017? Go to bed just one hour earlier at night or sleep just one hour later on the weekends. Sweet dreams!

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Your 2017 travel goals don’t have to feel impossible or out of reach. Instead of vowing to visit five countries or take a month off to travel the world with a friend, just pick a place you’ve always wants to go and can easily get to and start there. And, guess what? The moments of exploration will be just as much fun. So where to?

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Are you the one most likely to back out of taking the stage for karaoke night at the last minute or diving into the deep end? The hesitation stops in 2016. The easiest way to face a fear is to find a way to face it that ends in a whole lot of fun. There’s no better time than the present to get out there and live a little [more].

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So often we pledge to drink less of what we love and crave—like soda, coffee, or wine—but forget about what we can always use more of: water. Add a few glasses to you daily routine in 2017.

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If you don’t feel an attachment to it, let it free in 2016. Start with the small things, like the junk piling up in your closet or your spam-filled inbox then move on to simplifying your workspace or consolidating anything you have in storage.

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Swap out your hairstyle or signature clothing style for something fresh and let the instant confidence boost propel you toward new beginnings in 2016.