When Mark Taylor found out the gender of his fifth child, he needed just a little time to process the information.

When Angel Taylor learned the gender of her new baby, she gathered her four girls—Jordyn, 12, Juliyn, 9, Jaxsyn, 3, and Jestyn, 9 months—to help surprise their dad with the news. Luckily, since it turns out they were having a girl for the fifth time, Angel and her daughters didn’t have to do much to organize the surprise.

“We actually still had stuff from our gender reveal party from our baby Jestyn, so I just pulled that stuff out and videoed,” Angel, 34, from Arlington, Texas, tells PEOPLE. “I thought his reaction was funny, I was actually very amused!”

In a video posted to the family’s YouTube page (The Taylor Bunch) on October 26, Mark is seen walking into the living room where his family excitedly awaits. When he sees the room filled with pink balloons, he is only able to muster a stunned smile and a few dumbfounded laughs.

“He reacted pretty much the way I thought he would,” Angel says of her husband’s astonished response. “Only his silence went on longer than I expected!”

Because Mark is a junior, he’s long dreamed of having a third Mark in the family. He’s even gone as far as calling each baby “Trey” every time Angel has gotten pregnant, only to have to search for a new nickname when he finds out a boy has—once again—remained elusive.

As the hilarious video continues, it shows Mark stumbling around the house scratching his head and smiling, seemingly at a loss for words—with pink balloons still all around him. In fact, it took hours for Mark to gather his thoughts and say even a single word.

“If the girls said something to him, he would kinda react to them, but he didn’t say anything regarding the baby for like two hours,” Angel recalls. “Then he finally said, ‘Wow.’ Then he didn’t say anything else for the rest of the night until woke me up early in the morning and repeated that we were having another girl.”

The loving couple—who met while in the Air Force in 2002 and married in 2007—say they are more than ready for another child.

“I have so much girl stuff it’s not even funny,” Angel, who runs an online bakery, says. “It’s not like I have to do much to prepare!”

And Mark, who is looking forward to their new addition, still has dreams of one day having his little Trey.

“My husband actually asked my doctor how much does it costs to do gender choosing!” Angel says while laughing, adding that she is done having babies and the next will have to be done through a surrogate. “I am not having any more children because I’m high risk for blood clots. So after this, I’m done!”

This year is the couple’s 10-year wedding anniversary, but because they married by proxy in 2007 while Angel was stationed in Korea, they hoped to have a traditional wedding ceremony this year. That may have to be put on hold until things are a little less hectic. While they have both retired from the Air Force, Angel says the couple’s time in the military taught them much about keeping their girls close.

“My husband and I have deployed numerous times. It changes you when you’re in situations where you think you might not make it back home,” she says. “We’ve left our girls each of these times, and we’ve taught them that they’re each other’s best friends.”

This article originally appeaerd on People.