17 Lemonade Recipes Beyonce Would Absolutely Approve Of

Beyoncé has us on a serious lemonade high right now. When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. Here are 17 recipes to quench your thirst.

Lauren Porter Apr, 27, 2016

1 of 17 The Food Network

You can’t go wrong with some classic lemonade! This recipe courtesy of Gina Neely is just what you need to stay refreshed on hot days and warm nights.

2 of 17 Cooking Classy

This recipe for Watermelon Lemonade is everything! With a little bit of sweet and a tiny bit of tart, there is the perfect combination of flavor in each and every sip.

3 of 17 Damn Delicious

Pineapple’s are a summertime favorite and when you throw in some lemonade it’s recipe that will never fail you.

4 of 17 Martha Stewart

Lavender Lemonade is the thing that dreams are made of. This is a summertime must-have for backyard barbecue’s and parkside picnics. It’s simply delightful.

5 of 17 The Kitchen McCabe

Adding some cherries and pineapples to your lemonade is basically a refreshing treat that you will want more and more of!

6 of 17 Averie Cooks

There is really nothing that can top the mix of strawberry and lemonade. It’s refreshing, sweet and tasty! We’ll take a glass (or two)!

7 of 17 Cooking Bride

It’s just like the classic with an extra kick of color and some more flavor! Pink Lemonade is a treat that you can’t deny yourself of and this recipe gets it just right.

8 of 17 Damn Delicious

Blueberries are one of the world’s healthiest foods and so adding a few to your lemonade is a very good decision! This recipe gets everything right to make this is favorite drink for the summer season.

9 of 17 What 2 Cook

It’s all peachy keen with this recipe! Make your summer thirst fade away with a glass of Peach Lemonade!

10 of 17 Real Housemoms

This is definitely isn’t something you want the kids to sip! Southern Spiked Peach Lemonade is a refreshing adult beverage to just sit back and relax with.

11 of 17 The Blond Cook

Calling all adults—this Bourbon Lemonade Cocktail is the perfect, and we mean PERFECT, easy and simple summer drink.

12 of 17 From Valerie's Kitchen

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere when sipping on this Blackberry Lemonade Margarita! Not only does this drink have a sweet taste but it’s so smooth going down that will have you ready for another one before you finish the first!

13 of 17 Laylita

Mint? Check! Lemonade? Check! Vodka?! CHECK! This recipe is adult bliss realized. Paired with some barbecue and something great for dessert, this drink will have you floating on cloud nine.

14 of 17 Cincy Shopper

Everything taste better as a slushie—trust us! This Raspberry Lemonade Slushie is the the perfect recipe to whip together with the kids on a summer afternoon that absolutely everyone will love.

15 of 17 I Heart Nap Time

We scream for ice cream and when it’s this amazing Lemonade Ice Cream, we rejoice even more! This is the perfect dessert to feast on this summer (could you imagine what this would taste like with a slice of pound cake?! HEAVENLY!)

16 of 17 The First Year Blog

This is a treat that the kids will love! A Berry Lemonade Popsicle gives everyone the fresh fruit they need and a cool and sweet taste of some good old fashioned lemonade! What could be better?

17 of 17 Cooking Classy

It's the best of both worlds--a cupcake and lemonade! Sign us up for this Raspberry Lemonade Cupcake that is the perfect marriage between a yummy dessert with the hint of a great drink!