16 Mouth-Watering Collard Greens Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

Prepare for your mouth to water.

Ni’Kesia Pannell Mar, 09, 2016

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This recipe comes from Atlanta chef and restaurant owner, Linton Hopkins and it’s the traditional ideal side dish with a bit of a twist. Including garlic confit – a silky, spreadable condiment – the sweet and fulfilling spread gives your greens an improvement to die for.

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Everyone loves a good soup and what better way to make the best use of your leftover greens then to put them in one? Mixing in some croutons, white beans and chicken sausage, this weekend wind down meal will calm even the busiest person out there.

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It's southern style and vegetarian? Sign us up! This recipe, courtesy of Food Network's Sunny Anderson, is a healthy alternative to the traditional recipe while maintaining all the flavory-savory goodness. 

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Good for the nights when you’re looking for something warm and spicy, this line-up of spices and veggies is sure to knock the cold right out of you.

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Who would have thought putting collard greens on a biscuit would be a thing?! We certainly didn’t, but now we have Alvin Cailan of Los Angeles’ Eggslut’s recipe, we’re starting to wonder why we never tried to make it happen ourselves.

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Reserved for the lover of greens with a little more “bite” to them, these satisfying sautéed collard greens serve as a modern day healthy twist on the traditional tender version of the green leaf.

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A top-rated recipe on epicurious.com, these collard greens with red onions and bacon have a mix of sugar, spice, and everything nice to bring excitement to your dinner table. 

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Healthy and tasty, these greens with fruit is the prefect mid-day meal to get you feeling refreshed!

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Collard greens ARE the south, so with a name like “Southern as You Can Get,” you really can’t go wrong with this delicious version of our favorite greens.

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Who said collard greens had to be bland? Dress them up in something red with this tasty recipe for stuffed collard greens including white beans, red-pepper flakes, and tomato sauce!

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At first thought, having raw collards may not be appealing, but this recipe is one you don’t want to miss out on. Adding in some dried tomatoes and oils to make greens more palatable, this recipe gives you a leafy substitution for your regular salad base.

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If the healthier options are not what your taste buds are craving this week, making these drunk collard greens is sure to be your call to action. Simmered in smoked pork (yes, that means bacon for your over-indulgers out there!) and beer, there’s no denying that these greens are the picture-perfect side dish for your upcoming barbeque.

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We all love a good sandwich, but It’s 2016, so that means it’s time to ditch the bread ladies! Help get that tummy tight and right with this fun way to use collard greens in your daily meal prep. Although this calls for tofu, we’re sure you can think of plenty of other tasty options to insert inside!

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Everyone loves a burrito, but not everyone loves the bread that comes with it. If you’re on the health tip nowadays, using collard greens for this delicious snack or meal is the right way to go.

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If having just greens isn’t enough to fill you, try adding in some pasta – whatever shape you’d like – to create this fulfilling and deliciously tasting meal for a quick go-to dinner.

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Want a sweet and savory treat, but don’t want to ruin your appetite or diet? Try this green smoothie with dark chocolate (which is also good for you), to soothe your sweet tooth!