This ATL Bride And Groom-To-Be’s Engagement Shoot In Paris Is The Epitome Of Cool — And Creative
Ha Nguyen

Paris is great for a number of things, from sightseeing historical landmarks to shopping, eating one-of-a-kind food and breads, riding through canals in style, and as Atlanta natives Brady King and Thabiti Stephens showed, the perfect setting for a showstopping engagement shoot.

The pair, who met in 2013 while studying at Spelman and Morehouse College (not on campus but through Instagram). “After a series of likes back and forth and quick references from friends, Thabiti finally pulled the trigger by directly messaging me ‘Are we going to keep playing this game?'” Brady, the bride-to-be, recalls to ESSENCE. The two made it through seven years together, including a long-distance stage filled with WhatsApp and Viber calls, and now they’re set to wed in June 2023. To celebrate what’s to come in advance, the couple, who became engaged last summer, traveled to the perfect place for love for their engagement shoot.

“We wanted engagement photos that read like art. Photos that weren’t just announcements but instead where you could truly see us as a couple,” she says. “Our love for seeing the world, our love for each other and just our general style. Each picture really is a vignette of our true love. Our photographer was able to capture us as if you were just a fly on the wall, which is beautiful, chic and true.”

The images were taken by Ha Nguyen and showcase the pair’s chemistry near the Eiffel Tower, in front of a popular Parisian restaurant, rolling around in a vintage car in classic looks and being romantic in their hotel room.

They will match this moment by saying “I do” in Lake Como, Italy next summer. The setting is equally fancy, but they’re not looking to show out but rather, to just celebrate their union in a special way with special people.

“We feel no pressure to top anything because as long as we are together, everything will be perfect,” she says. “People are important — fabulous photos and parties are just icing on top.”

The adventurous shoot was an idea they decided to bring to fruition at the spur of the moment, inspired to capture joy after experiencing loss. Brady’s mother passed away to cancer and she now believes in taking advantage of every moment in her honor.

“Seeing how fast good things can be taken away has really made us understand the gift of presence and living with intention,” she says. “We make the most of every day, every minute and every second with each other. From taking spontaneous trips to Paris for photos to planning our dream wedding in Italy. We are really embracing making the most of our lives together—something mom wanted.”

Check out their gorgeous engagement photo shoot below and feel the love in the City of Love.