8 Easy Ways To Throw A Friendsgiving Dinner To Celebrate Your Girls

Family is wonderful, but sometimes the best holiday memories come from quality time spent with those who aren’t related to you. Especially if you don’t have plans to visit family for dinner. Hosting a friendsgiving is the perfect time to put on your hosting hat and pay tribute to the other loves in your life, your girls. Need some inspo on how to pull off the best Black girl magic inspired Friendsgiving ever? From the quick invitations and the playlist to the centerpiece and a signature cocktail, we’ve got all the party elements you need to kick off the holiday season just right.

1. Come Up With a Theme
2016 has been a great time to be a Black Woman, so it makes sense to celebrate it with a dinner. Whether it’s #BlackGirlMagic or #BlackWomenDidThat, feel inspired by the wonder that is us and share in the joy with some of the people you love by making this your theme.

2.  Check Out Cute E-vites To Save Time
It might be too late to have really great invitations made, printed and mailed, but no worries. While a group text is great for a kickback, take the time to send out cute e-vites from Pingg to each of your guests. It’s a great way to save and practice smart adulting at the last minute.


3. Consider Your Seating Chart
Have your guests take the ultimate seat at the table with a seating chart that brings everyone together in a way that encourages great conversation. Not only should your dinner experience be one about celebration but it should definitely be one that brings together the people in your life in a significant way. Even if everyone in the room knows each other, make sure they are seated in a way that best satisfies their interests to double your gathering as a great networking moment too. And, don’t forget your place cards! Try out this printable option from Elegance and Enhancement. 

Elegance and Enhancement

4. Curate The Perfect Playlist
Premium jams are always needed for a dinner party and friendsgiving should be no exception. Call on some of the best Black girl voices in the game to serenade tthe group at dinner. Think: Solange, Beyoncé, Erykah Badu or Janelle Monae.
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5. Create A Signature Cocktail
When it comes to your Thanksgiving menu, stick to the classics (of course) but make the night stand out with your very own signature cocktail! A few days in advance, try out some different cocktail recipes until you decide on one that makes you want to keep the glasses coming. Not sure where to start? Check out our amazing holiday cocktail recipe roundup for the beginners guide to making your drink dreams come true. 

6. Craft Dope Decorations
Take a note from Beyoncé and turn lemons into Lemonade! Using classic fall colors like yellow, orange, plum, cranberry and olive to create a dynamic focal point on your table, like this one from Brit + Co, to make the moment totally Instagram worthy and your table lit!

Brit + Co

7. Call On a Co-Host
Don’t want the pressure of hosting the event solo in your own home? It’s not too late to phone a friend! Ask someone to co-host the evening with you. Take some of the pressure off prepping, cooking, decorating and hosting by having a partner-in-crime by your side to help pull off the friendsgiving of a lifetime on a dime and in a hurry.

8. Come Through With The Favors
Time for a DIY project! Keep things simple and give out cute candle holders like these from Brit + Co. Purchase cheap and easy fall scented tea light candles to send your guests into the night wth a small momento of thanks for helping set your friendsgiving off right. Good luck!

Brit + Co