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Tell us a little bit about your foundation which is Common Ground Foundation. Yes, well, it's my passion to inspire the youth and to give back to where I've come from and wherever there's people in need. And I start with our community, with black people, so, especially black and latino people, I'm very passionate about being able to give back to us. And I started my foundation because, it's called Common Ground Foundation, and what we do is use creative arts to inspire young people to help achieve their dreams. We use and enlighten them through these programs we have to help them, just to see what they can do, to see what they can achieve. And we also have mentorship programs that help them, just to expose them to new things. I always wanted to do Do that because my mother was a teacher. She was an educator. Yeah give thanks. I got to see her contribute to other people's lives in a real pure way because she was passionate. And is passionate about bettering society, and bettering youth, and helping our young black people. Well, seeing that made me feel like I should be doing that also. And growing up around that inspired me. And that's where Common Ground stemmed from, and that's where my philanthropic work and my heart to give to the people, it starts there. That's so dope that you were inspired by your mother and you continue to inspire. Now speaking of where you come from and your mom. You are from Chicago, we are in New Orleans, both places have incredible food. Right you guys, yes you do. But you are known to be a vegetarian, is that true?>>Well, no I'm not a vegetarian. I eat fish Vegetarian? And seafood. So I love it down here, like I- So you can get down with the gumbo? I get down with what? Can you get down with gumbo? Yeah, I get down with gumbo long as it ain't got no pork in it. I don't eat pork, yeah. I used to eat pork but I got over the pork, no, so I don't do that. My mother used to fix a great gumbo too, man. Really? She's [UNKNOWN] a little bit without pork now. But I love to eat, coming from Chicago, we got great restaurants. And we always trying to find good places to come eat down here in New Orleans. And I always liked good home cooked meals too so. If a lady can cook, that's even better. Any of the ladies out here can cook? Any, no, no? I feel good, real good. [LAUGH] I love it. All right, another question is now one of the things that I think is so awesome is that you seem to be super laid back and chill. What do you do to have a good time? Like outside of the work. Yeah. Well, I love to have a I love going out to eat like with friends and somebody that's good company. [CROSSTALK] There's a common theme going on here, food and eating. [LAUGH] I love to go out with good company and just conversation. I love going to the movies. I like going out with a lot of friends to go bowling and stuff like that. I love going to the ocean and water. I like being around the water and enjoying that. I love riding just with somebody I like, and just listen to good music. I'm not mad at that at all. Just, like, we really get the conversate and have the music background, and it's just like we connected.>> What's that good music? What's your choice? I mean, it varies, it varies. It could be any thing from Prince to Minnie Ripperton to [UNKNOWN] to, I listen to John Coltrane. It could be Mary J. Blige. It's like whatever the mode is, I play that. Roberta Flack, all that good music. Wow. So proud of you, and we just wanna thank you so much for being here. You guys- Thank you. Give it up one more time, you guys- Thank you, y'all. For Common. Thanks y'all. Thanks Samsung. Bring on some wisdom on us right here. Thank you so much we so appreciate it. Thanks Adriane, appreciate you. Thank you. Thank you. Great job. Yay. Peace y'all. Thank you guys.

Common Says His Mother Inspired His Passion to Give Back

Awww! The rapper and ESSENCE Fest performer said his mother was the inspiration for his Common Ground Foundation.