‘Tis the season, when we can celebrate the holidays with friends and family, while representing our culture, and supporting black businesses. What better way to do that than buying black for your holiday cards, wrapping paper, and décor? Here are brands that you should support: 1. It’s a Black Thing If you’re looking for holiday décor and holiday cards, you’ll want to take a look at what they have to offer, prices vary, itsablackthing.com. 2 . Black Art Deport Go holiday and Christmas card crazy, with a variety of options. There’s a nice selection of cards to choose from, $11.95, blackartdepot.com. 3. Melanin Moments Get your wrapping paper on! One of the best things about exchanging gifts with family and friends next to selecting the perfect gift, is wrapping the gifts. Starting at $5.99, melaninmoments.com. 4. Creations of Color What’s a tree without the pretty ornaments, especially with our Forever Forty-Four and First Lady? There are plenty of options, and if you want to represent your sorority, they’ve got you covered too, starting at $5.95, creationsofcolor.com. 5. Clarence Claus™ Gift Label In addition to gift wrap, don’t forget about your gift labels. The recipient must know who the gift is from, so they know who to thank, $1, greentopgifts.com. 6. African American Expressions™ After Christmas, we can’t leave out the celebration of Kwanzaa, $12, black-gifts.com.