Buying diapers for a lot of parents can be like choosing a team. Once you find ones you like, you’re loyal to that brand and that brand only — unless they disappoint you. But for me, I’m always open to seeing what’s out there and capable of minimizing leaks, handling blowouts and just being a comfortable option for my toddler. I’ve tried many brands, just about all of them the mainstream ones you see in commercials or find front and center at big box stores, but I hadn’t had the chance to try Black-owned offerings. So when the opportunity came to test a new brand called TinkyPoo, the brainchild of a Black woman, I was intrigued. Once I heard that the diapers were plant-based, I was interested. And then when I saw they feature Black babies of different shades on them, I was sold.

“Our motto is ‘Seeing yourself makes all the difference,'” founder and proud mom Nadiyah Spencer tells ESSENCE. “We wanted to show babies from the womb how gorgeous they are. It was intentional to have both animated babies, Timmy and Penny, showcased on all packaging with their natural hair displayed and with their different complexions, which is reflective of our children.”

The idea for TinkyPoo came to Spencer in a dream. With her 20-year experience in manufacturing, she was able to make that dream a reality. But in addition to providing representation for Black children, form, function, and the materials that would be used for these diapers was also very important to her.

“I consciously set out to use as many eco-friendly and natural extracts as possible,” she says. “Our inner liner and outer backsheet is made from organic cotton. We have sustainably harvested fluff pulp, which along with SAP, locks in moisture and keeps the baby dry. We also use eco-friendly dyes for our bold printed backsheets.”


So how do these diapers perform after all of the work put into creating them? My son recently used a whole pack of the Size 4 diapers in the Space Traveler print. In the time that he wore them exclusively, he had no leaks. The diapers were super absorbent, holding up for hours. With no fragrances, there were no strong scents. The use of side wings allowed the diaper to be put on without me worrying it was too tight around my son’s stomach or that it would be uncomfortable and not breathable. But that comfort doesn’t cost you when it comes to keeping the diaper secure. They’re also soft, which might not sound important. However, some diapers that are made without chemicals can feel like tissue paper on the exterior, so the fact that they’re soft inside and out is a nice touch.

What parents might miss with TinkyPoo is a clear wetness indicator line to let them know baby has soiled their diaper when you’re not sure. The one on this offering is pretty faint. However, you won’t miss it while checking out all the adorable prints the diapers come in. The babies, Timmy and Penny, both in different shades of Black, appear on the diapers. Also on the diapers are tribal prints, Black power fists and Pan-African flags, as well as simple designs like bubbles and halos, rocket ships and planets.


The representation provided, as well as the fun colors and designs, is a breath of fresh air in a market filled with the same ‘ol characters on white backgrounds. Not only do the diapers help our babies see themselves, but they also provide the protection they need for up to 12 hours.

TinkyPoo is currently available on the brand’s website. “We hope to be in retailers nationwide soon!” Spencer says. They’re affordable and come with wipes that are 99 percent water and made from natural ingredients, like chamomile extract. Prices range from $13.99 for one solo diaper pack (size 1 is 34 diapers, size 2 is 32, size 3 is 30 and size 4 is 28). For $19.99 you can get one diaper pack with a pack of wipes, and you can get bundles from there that go up in price (a bundle of six packs of diapers and three packs of wipes is $84.99). Feel free to support because it’s Black History Month and you might want to support more Black-owned brands this month. But you will continue to support because TinkyPoo doesn’t disappoint.

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