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[MUSIC] We currently run six education programs here at the Documentary Center. We work with young people ages seven and up. The goal is really to use documentary film making to build community, inspire new voices, and inspire untold stories. We have this saying that if you don't learn to tell your own stories someone else is going to tell it for you. Hey Reg how you feeling man. My boy police killed got no sentencing... The [UNKNOWN] center was started in 2005 by the legendary documentarian Albert Maysles and his family. They chose to build the center here in Harlem, because there wasn't a film center, a documentary center. Harlem is a really vibrant community. Everybody knows that Historically and contemporarily, always cutting edge, an epicenter for cultural programs and storytellers and urban [UNKNOWN] To like come together and speak truth. Our model is for the young people to be as hands on as possible So they are allowed to check out the equipment. [LAUGH] We are encouraging them to go around, explore Harlem, explore their neighborhoods. And a big thing we talk about is access. And what is the access these young people have? And oftentimes that's into their own lives and their own stories and their own communities. And people Who they care about, who are often misrepresented in society and in the media. If you look at the programs that are available to young people in our city, I think there's been a big cut to a lot of community spaces. My job public housing has closed down a lot of their community centres. We try to reach young people who don't have access necessarily to these types of things. [MUSIC] Films are little worlds into themselves, but then they generate so many questions around other possibilities. And having a space where Filmmakers can both show their work and engage with audiences, but then also nurture new filmmakers. That's so important. [MUSIC] We're not made of atoms, we're made of stories. I forget who said that but that's like a quote that I always. Remember, I believe that. [MUSIC]

'ESSENCE Black Girl Magic' Episode 6: A Conversation with Educational Director Christine Peng

Started by legendary documentarian Albert Maysles, the Maysles Documentary Center in Harlem is a haven for kids with little access to safe and creative spaces to come and tell their untold stories.