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I notice young black girls now more than I ever did. I'm fearful for them as much as I am hopeful. The world ain't easy for a young black girl. She Wins Leadership Institute is a program I designed my sophomore year of college. For girls in my hometown of North New Jersey, who lost a parent or sibling to homicide. Like I did. My father was killed while leaving his store when I was seven. I wanted to make a program that would served girls who shared a story similar to my own and that would serve a direct need in our city. I wanted to give them something that I wished I had at that age. As everybody would say, I'm a nice person and I've really grown a lot and have realized that I can't let my anger get to the best of me, and accept the fact that my niece has been murdered. [CROSSTALK] The more you dedicate time to loving yourself, And surrounding yourselves by people who are encouraging you to do the same. There is no such thing as a barrier. [MUSIC]
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