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When I give, you're getting pure Taj. That is Taj Anwar. If I had to define Taj Anwar, it would that and it wouldn't be in words. It would just be my hands. This is Taj. This is me giving myself to you. To my neighbors, to my city, to the country, to the world. So many things made me start my food drive movement. Back in 2002 I was a single mother of two young children and I was really, really struggling. I remember there were nights that I would go without eating. Just so my children can eat. I promised myself at that point when I finally got on my feet that I would help mothers and fathers and whole impact families even with children. It makes sense for me to supplement my boxes with Walmart's organic produce because it's so reasonably priced. That I'm able to reach so many more families than I could by myself. [MUSIC] Food has always been a top priority with me because without food, you can't operate, you can't think, you can't work and it's just, it's body's fuel and there's everybody needs access It's a quality food. My grandmother, she raised me pretty much her and her two sisters, they showed me how to fry chicken, cook collared greens and make macaroni and cheese but they also showed me how to grow food. I took that knowledge and I started my own garden when I became an adult Ultimately my goal is to start preparing grocery, pairing which is my grandma's maiden name. That's what I'm gonna name it after since they're the one's who taught me how to grow food As a parent, how I teach my children about fighting hunger, I teach them that just like I feel like Atlanta's my city, Atlanta's their city too, they were born here, and they should care about what is going on, not just locally, but globally. And once you fight something locally. It has a ripple effect. You may just be a small pebble once you throw it in the river your set can go miles and miles. It's not just people, you know, who you see out on the street that are hungry. Its families that look like this. It can happen to anybody. Somebody can be one pay check away from having no food in their refrigerator When you're cultivating your own food, you can really, really impact people on a whole nother level. I'm able to cultivate something from something so small as a seed into a farm where I could feed my family. I could feed your family. I could feed your family's family. If I cultivate magic it will be like that so yeah, Fight Hunger is magic. Help Walmart feed the fight against hunger. For every #FIghtHunger, Walmart will donate enough to help secure ten meals to help those in need through Feeding America food banks.

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Georgia mother Taj Anwar shows how she is partnering with Walmart to feed the Fight Against Hunger with her local grown garden boxes in Atlanta.