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Dana is taking a monumental step in her life by heading off to college becoming the first person in her family to do so. With the help of Walmart, the soon-to-be college student prepares for her new journey.

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 25, 2017
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[MUSIC] I'm Dana, and I'm the first one in my family to go off to college. [MUSIC] The moment I that I wanted to go to school was when I was a junior. I wanna be somebody. I wanna strive for greatness, so I was like, I'm gonna do it. The moment I got accepted into college, it was like, me? You're accepting me? So it was great. Of course you know this is the first generation going off to college, so that made us really, really happy and really proud of her. [MUSIC] My grandmother took me shopping to Walmart. She was able to get everything you needed, we was able to get her comforters, her pillows, she gonna have everything for school, and for her school supplies. He was able to give her lotions. She needs all types of things for her hair because she's so into her hair. So we did all of that. [MUSIC] My relationship with my dad was amazing. There's no better way I can explain it. They would always do things together. Every time I look around, she was right on her dad. They just had a very very special bond. Once my son died, me and Dana became very, very close. I am like you keep doing what you need to do in school, keep the grades up, keep making him proud. After the passing of her father, she did come to me and just told me this is what her dad really wanted her to do and it inspired her to actually want to go to college So I'm the first one going to college, so it's something my little sisters and brothers can look up to. If Dana did it, I can do it. She's setting the stage for her sister and her brother to kind of follow in her foot steps. And just let them know how important education is. It's convenient shopping at Walmart, because instead of going from different locations, And just getting everything I need in one place. The prices are really good and really affordable. When they say they roll back the prices, they really roll back the prices. She has a real good spirit. And I think, because she know her father's kinda watching over her, that she kinda keeps herself humble. And I like that about Dana. My dad You'll be so happy that I'm going off to college. And just growing into this beautiful young lady inside and out. [MUSIC]