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[MUSIC] Teaching the girls to trust themselves and their voice has been a process. [MUSIC] Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, is there to both communicate with people and to have fun. To post up stuff that's good. Like, we on [UNKNOWN] or trip, or we hanging out with our sisters. We're able to share memories with our friends. So fun things that we doing at the moment. I'm [UNKNOWN] [INAUDIBLE] Sasha. I like Snapchat because it's like you're there to see it because they capture the moment. I like Facebook because well in my school they're on it a lot, so even if you don't go to school, you still know everything that happened. [MUSIC] Most people take advantage of Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter, they put their drama on it just to make more drama. It causes arguments. Stop. When you have a social media you put yourself in situations that you don't know. I was in a group chat and just by being in the conversation and to me getting in trouble and me being a part of the situation because I didn't stop it [MUSIC] You should watch what you put on your social media because you could go for a job interview and then they could see well, you posted this on Facebook or you did this on Twitter. If the conversation on social media is not about you, then don't bump into it because. It cause more drama to the situation. If I will see a situation like, if there's a problem, I'm not gonna make a post on Facebook, tag the girl like, do you have anything to say, no because this is gonna make the problem worse when I can't have a conversation. Do not put up nothing inappropriate or nothing that makes other people uncomfortable and put up stuff that's positive. [MUSIC] I have an inner voice that won't relent. My goal has been to amplify that voice in the girls. [MUSIC]

A'Dorian Murray-Thomas Explores Social Media: Highs and Lows

Murray-Thomas, founder of SHE Wins Leadership Institute, talks social media and the importance of encouraging young black women to find and express their voices.