10 Gifts Leos Can't Resist

This list is dedicated to all of the creative, warm-hearted, cheerful and confident Leos out there.

Lauren Porter Jul, 26, 2017

1 of 10 Nordstrom

Leos love flashy things and this necklace will do just the trick.

available at Nordstrom $58 Buy Now!

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Leos love some mood lighting and this will definitely help set the tone for all things calm, cool and collected. 

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3 of 10 Etsy

Leos live for being in charge and this mug says it all. 

available at Etsy $13.00 Buy Now!

4 of 10 Etsy

Leos are theatre nerds and they love the holiday season. This gift is the perfect combination of the two. 

available at Etsy $8.99 Buy Now!

5 of 10 Paper Source

This candle will give the Leo the glow of light they need. 

available at Paper Source $28.95 Buy Now!

6 of 10 Amazon

Leos are busy and this notebook will help them keep everything on track. 

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7 of 10 Urban Outfitters

Known for their love of being admired, Leos love mirrors so the bigger the better! This one does the trick. 

available at Urban Outfitters $160 Buy Now!

8 of 10 Anthropologie

Luxe, expensive things makes Leos happy. This gift will defintiely make them happy.

available at Anthropologie $45 Buy Now!

9 of 10

Leos demand to be treated like a queen. What better gift to give than that of Queen Bey!

available at Etsy $10 Buy Now!

10 of 10 Anthropologie

Give the Leo in your life something a little small that will go a long way!

available at Anthropologie $6.95 Buy Now!