Calling All Foodies: These Are the 10 Best Fall Vegetables to Enjoy For the Season

Fall is still going strong, and as the weather changes, so do the foods that are being harvested during the season. Certain vegetables flourish in the fall, while others – not so much. Calling all foodies: These are the veggies you’ll want to stock up on while you still can.

Dalila Thomas Oct, 25, 2016

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Many people have a love/hate relationship with beets. But whether you’re eating them with a meal, or having them in a shake, it’s important to get the best beet possible. Because beets grow best in cool temps with damp soil, they make the perfect fall vegetable. So leave the can behind and enjoy (or learn to enjoy) them nice and fresh. Not sure where to star? Try beginning with a roasted beet salad.

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After a long summer (around 3-4 months of growing) Brussels sprouts peak and are ready to be picked in late fall. Brussels sprouts come from the cabbage family, and while they’ve been ridiculed for years because of their taste, they’ve made a comeback and are now one of the most trendy veggies to eat, especially in the fall. That’s probably because there are so many ways to eat and enjoy them. One of the best is roasted, allowing your taste buds to experience its crunchy capabilities. Try this roasted Brussels slaw out!

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Kale is seemingly one of the most underrated one of the leafy green vegetables. But it gets all of the shine in the fall. That’s because unlike the some veggies that can’t last when the temp drops, kale can withstand it. As a matter of fact, the dew the kale leaves collect helps to wash away bitterness. Kale lovers can utilize the fresh greens for salad, smoothies or even chili. First timers may enjoy a sweeter introduction to kale with a simple banana nut and kale bread recipe that’ll leave you saying – Kale Yeah!

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Because cauliflower comes from the broccoli family, it too is a great vegetable for fall. And fall is the perfect time to experiment with cauliflower. Not only is it cheaper in stores during this time of year, but there are so many uses for cauliflower (yes, besides a veggie tray) From roasting it, to breaking it down and using it as a substitution for rice. Go on and give it a whirl. Try this healthy cauliflower recipe out!

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Carrots can be grown in both summer and fall, but they thrive in the cooler months right around the fall harvest. That’s the perfect time to utilize this veggie, which can go with, or in, almost any dish. Use them in a fall salad, a vegetable stew, or a warm chicken pot pie! What’s also great about carrots is that you don’t have to cook them at all to eat them. Simply wash them off and cut them up for a quick, healthy snack.

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Although they are harvested in a cooler climate, cabbage is the perfect veggie to transform with a little heat. So kick your coleslaw to the curb (as it seems to be more of a summer dish anyway.) And trust there is still great use for cabbage in the fall. Cook ‘em down the way your mom and her mom used to do, or use the strong leaves to make wraps. You can even try to make it into kraut for the perfect hotdog topping!

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Known for it’s bright colors and thick stalks, Swiss chard can easily be a fall favorite for those who aren’t afraid of using it. While sometimes intimidating, Swiss chard is definitely nothing to be afraid of, especially when cooking it into fall dishes. When the temp cools down, opt out of using it in salads, and go for a warmer approach. Try it sautéed for starters and then graduate to more creative dishes like a Swiss chard frittata.

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Fresh off the harvest, butternut squash just screams fall. As another member of the squash family it’s technically a fruit, but treated as a vegetable. From the color, to the flavor, butternut squash is definitely something you’ll want to have at least twice this year. And preferably not prepared the same way, which is totally doable. From a fall butternut squash salad, to soups, even roasted butternut squash, the options are unlimited. Not sure where to start? Try this list of fun butternut squash recipes!

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There’s no surprise that pumpkin is on this list (even though it’s technically not considered a vegetable). Just think of all the pumpkin spice items that drop around fall. Well, that’s definitely not a coincidence. Pumpkin is the ultimate fall vegetable. Because they begin growing and late may and are sensitive to cooler temps, they are ready to eat (or use for decoration) just as fall arrives. Not sure how take a pumpkin from the patch, to the plate? Go straight for the sweet, with this pumpkin cheesecake recipe. Just sub out the canned puree for fresh pumpkin puree.

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The cooler the better when it comes to growing broccoli. While heat may be ideal for the growth of other vegetables, broccoli develops best in fall, when the heat doesn’t cause wilting. Lasting through light frosts and cool soil, broccoli makes for fresh green autumn go-to. And there’s nothing more perfect than soup on a chilly fall night. Try this broccoli soup recipe that adds a hint of extra flavor with lemon and ginger!