These Are The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Your Friend Who Went To An HBCU

K. Natasha Dec, 18, 2017

You can always spot the person in the room who went to an HBCU: They’re woke, fly and always sporting an alumna sweatshirt or tee. Sound like someone you know and love? We bet they’ll love any of these gifts.

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Hillman Bookstore

Quite frankly, ‘A Different World’ inspired an entire generation to attend an HBCUs. With its groundbreaking look at life at historically black colleges and universities, enrollment at HBCUs across the country shot up, so that people could experience their very own (real life) version of “Hillman Collage.” In order to pay homage to the ‘Mecca’ of television HBCU’s, you can even rock the Hillman College apparel. Here’s your chance to gift it to someone who may have been inspired by watching one of their favorite 90s sitcoms.

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House Party Game

What do HBCU alum (and blacks in general) love? Game night. And with this gift, it will not only be a gift for your friend, but for you as well, because at their next get together, you’ll be able to partake too! The House Party Game is dedicated to celebrating black culture, and who wouldn’t want to do that? From movies and television to music and moments, you can't deny the impact that our culture has had around the world. So get your homegirls and homeboys together, and play the ultimate pop culture trivia game celebrating the best in black movies, music, television, and moments!

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Your favorite homegirl needs The Homegirl Box. This unique gift box is inspired by the life and legacy of  bold, fearless  and revolutionary women of color. And though it’s hard to try and box the complexities of black women, The Homegirl Box has gotten pretty close, with a range of boxes that fit every personality! The quarterly gift box contains items inspired by revolutionary women of color, such Frida Kahlo and Assata Shakur, and include four to five clothing, beauty, decorative, health and wellness or home items as well as a staple herstory card which informs on the legacy of the historic women who inspired the box. There’s a box for every flavor of black girl: The Frida Box, The Assata Box, The Audre Box, and yes, even The Cardi Box!

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Fresh To Def Collective

You know just about everyone that graduated from an HBCU is fresh to death (def). And to social justice enterprise that empowers women of color to be their bold, powerful, and free selves through wearable political art. We produce fashion accessories, houseware, and organizational swag that inspire community to take a stand for what they believe.  is a social justice enterprise that produces hand made wearable art to honor women of color and inspire social change. Whether it’s a subtle Sista Friend pin or vibrant door knocker kente cloth earrings - we are your online home for accessories with a cause.

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This Washington D.C. based-entrepreneur created the pop-art inspired brand, Shanieism with one thing in mind: to represent the smart and sassy black woman. And these are two characteristics you’ll likely find in your HBCU friend! Shanieism is the place to find pop art themed fashion accessories that include totes, travel bags, mugs, t-shirts, and more. And it has some of the cutest products you’ll see on the market!

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Mahogany Cheers

When your girl is spilling the tea to you, you’ll want to drink it from a cute cup! Mahogany Cheers is a drinkware brand that was created to reflect the robust style of people of color. The best part? Each drinkware piece is hand painted with love, sassiness and soul, so you know it was created uniquely and specially for whoever you decide to gift it to. Why Mahogany Cheers? Well, mahogany wood is known for its various shades of brown hue, similar to the shades of melanin that black people possess and wear proudly. The “cheers” in Mahogany Cheers symbolizes a celebration of life and blackness.

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Stoop & Stank

Didn’t we mention that HBCU grads are always fly? With Stoop & Stank, their graphic tees allow you to say it with your chest.. Literally. The tees reflect who we are, what we love and what we want to say. From Issa Rae’s iconic quote “I’m rooting for everybody black” emboldened on a tee to, “Blk Grl Pwr” to simply defining what we are, “Melanin and honey,” these shirts are the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic. So we can be woke and cute at the same damn time!