The Best Bachelorette Bride Squads Of Summer '17

These ladies came to slay in honor of the bride.

Lauren Porter Aug, 31, 2017

1 of 40 @xoxo_shanalee/instagram

Ahoy ladies!

2 of 40 @almishap/instagram

This crew is untouchable!

3 of 40 @jacijacibaby/instagram

Just a little sand and a major slay. Perfection.

4 of 40 @ruthashley_/instagram

The bride-to-be is white hot and her ladies are beautiful in black. We love it!

5 of 40 @k.aleisha/instagram

Black is beautiful and so is this squad!

6 of 40 @maqnificient/instagram

Rosé all day is always a good idea!

7 of 40 @soontobemrsnewkirk/instagram

When it's just you and your girls, you always go big or go home!

8 of 40 @drtaylorbrown/instagram

Sailing the seas with your squad is never a bad idea!

9 of 40 @cmdd1234/instagram

Come through Melanin!

10 of 40 @alexasykes/instagram

Besos from these belles!

11 of 40 @i_diddy/instagram

Yes legs!

12 of 40 @somelikeitpink/instagram

This squad is killin' it!

13 of 40 @davetarenee/instagram

Knowing your girls always have your back is what friendship is all about.

14 of 40 @beenie_labelle/instagram

As long as this bride has her girls, life is good!

15 of 40 @empressmissie/instagram

If chasing waterfalls with our friends looks like amazing, sign us up!

16 of 40 @javaingramtv/instagram

All abroad--these ladies are ready to slay the seas!

17 of 40 @yeadatsrii//instagram

When you and your crew look this good, you flaunt it and you own it!

18 of 40 @queen_x_leo/instagram

The bride's beach is better with her girls by her side!

19 of 40 @brucelee_anna/instagram

Ok ladies now let's get in formation!

20 of 40 @augustaj/instagram

Daring to be different like this crew is a good (and stylish) idea!

21 of 40 @more_than_pretty/instagram

Bride-watch is in full affect and it's everything!

22 of 40 @itscourtneybabe/instagram


23 of 40 @dymonpricess/instagram

Go 'head ladies with your bad selves!

24 of 40 @queenkp.707/instagram

When the whole crew is poppin', you can't help but walk around feeling yourself!

25 of 40 @janessasimone/instagram

Gang's all here!

26 of 40 @beautifulblisso/instagram

Where there is melanin, there is magic!

27 of 40 @darilynnnnn/instagram

Squad is like the perfect pyramid!

28 of 40 @_cee1121/instagram

When your squad helps to lift you up, you'll never be down.

29 of 40 @sassysade/instagram

Hands up ladies, we're rejoicing in the name of love!

30 of 40 @mrs_k7.17/instagram

This is what we like to call a picture perfect squad!

31 of 40 @mrstiffanyi/instagram

The whole crew: hella black and hella proud!

32 of 40 @nesdeangela/instagram

Jumping for joy when you're getting ready to tie the knot looks a little like this!

33 of 40 @coco_twinz/instagram

This squad is squat and slay goals!

34 of 40 L. Borne Photography

There's nothing wrong with a lot of laughter and a whole lot of love!

35 of 40 @mscandigirl/instagram

Everyone is all smiles and that's how it should be!

36 of 40 @tothebeat1/instagram

Salute to the bride!

37 of 40 @aikishaholly/instagram

All love, no shade!

38 of 40 @jasminekatrina/instagram

Flower crowns always equal perfection!

39 of 40 @catheline2u/instagram

Beauty knows these ladies!

40 of 40 @tiki.e/instagram

Just label these ladies certified fashion killas!