Aussie Launches Children’s Collection For All Curl Types
Aussie Kids

The hair care brand Aussie has had success over the last few years creating products, like their Miracle Curls and Coils lines, which specifically cater to natural curls and the many patterns they come in. Now they’re looking to cater to the coils of kids.

They’ve just announced the launch of the new Aussie Kids Collections, with the Aussie Kids Moist and the Curly lines. They both aim to help parents detangle hair in an easier way and help kiddos feel confident and comfortable with their hair. The line, a complete revamp of the brand’s old children’s line, also intends to protect hair, too. The new products are free of sulfates, parabens and dyes.

Aussie Kids

To help celebrate this new launch as well as the uniqueness of all hair types, Aussie Kids has linked up with BDG to release a children’s book called BeYOUtiful Hair. The work, written by author Sherri Winston with illustrations from Keisha Okafor, sends the message of how important it is to love and embrace your natural hair starting from a young age. Copies of the book will soon be free to order and 5,000 of those copies will be sent to schools around the U.S. to be put in the hands of the children who need to read them.

Aussie Kids

As for the products inspiring that book, they’re meant for kids ages 4 to 9 with hair types from 1 to 4. The new line is available in grocery stores, mass retailers and drugstores nationwide now. For more information on the latest collection and to see the full range, visit the Aussie Kids website.


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