Who doesn’t want to stress less and sleep more?

When anxiety worry and panic takeover, music is often a great release, but there is one song in particular that scienctists says does the trick best.

Researchers from Mindlab International say that listening to “Weightless” by Marconi Union was designed to help you destress, and it works. 

In fact, the 8-minute-song can actually help reduce your overall anxiety by up to 65%. (Are you downloading it yet?)

That’s right, simply popping in your headphones and pressing play can relax your mind in a matter of minutes. 

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This sone was actually arranged to help calm you. The band carefully crafted the track with theraputic qualities in mind, considering bass lines, harmonies and rhythms to make it happen. Hearing all of the elements of the song in its given arrangement can help reduce blood pressure and slow down an accelerated heart rate. 

Put simply, this song is a blessing with a beat.

Come through self-care!