7 Red Flags It’s Time To Change Your Major
Andre Chung for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Every student goes through that spell wondering if they’re in the right major. We always ask ourselves “Is this for me?” “Is there something else I should be doing?” Here are 7 red flags your major may not be for you:

1. You’re doing it for your parents.

Many students feel since their parents are paying for their education, their parents call the shots, including choosing a major. Remember this is YOUR life. Try to sit down with your parents and let them know you had something else in mind. If they threaten to take away your funding, there are other ways to pay for school. It may be a little harder, but you’ll definitely be happier.

2. You’re doing it for money.

Have you ever been to the doctor and it seemed they didn’t care about you? Like you were just a number? Don’t be that person. Making a lot of money is never a bad thing, but you must love what you do. If you don’t want to be pushed aside while you’re being serviced, don’t become that person either.

3. You’re doing it because your friends are doing it.

Friends come and go. The degree you receive will forever be yours. Sure, you can change it later on in life, but is it really worth it?  Again, it’s YOUR life. Don’t make decisions based on other people. If you happen to have the same interests a your friends, by all means, choose the same major and become study buddies.

4. You’re taking the easy way out.

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Choosing a major because you think it’ll be a breeze is the same as choosing it because you want to make a lot of money.

College doesn’t last forever but make the most of college while you’re young. Map out a 5-10 year plan including not only your jobs goals but your life experience goals, too. Does your current major allow you to do that?

5. You’re trying to impress other people.

Stop. After commencement, you may honestly never see these people ever again. Who cares what they think about you? If you’re majoring in what you love and happen to impress people along the way, great. If not, you impress yourself. That’s what matters.

6. You’re beyond stressed out.

A little college stress here and there is normal. However, if you’re waking up everyday dreading class, assignments, the work, the everything; your major may not be for you. College isn’t easy, but the reward of your major should be the light at the end of the tunnel. If that’s not the case, it’s time for change.

7. They said you needed to hurry and pick something.

Choose wisely. Some people have it all figured out as soon as they step foot on campus. If that’s not true for you, it’s OK. It may take you a little more time to explore the options out there. You may have a diverse group of friends; one is studying to be an engineer, another an accountant, and the other a fashion designer. Talk it out with them and see how they came to choose their majors. It’s OK to take the time to explore those options. After all, who said there’s a time limit to choosing a major?