4 Easy Ways To Boost Your Metabolism
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This feature originally appeared in the February 2018 Issue of ESSENCE Magazine.

Here’s another way to lose the weight and get the summer body you crave: 

Stand Up

Inactivity of four or more hours causes an enzyme that metabolizes fat to almost shut down, according to a 2007 University of Missouri study. Throughout the day, leave your desk and walk around. Set an alarm on your phone, or use your watch or fitness band.

Eat Breakfast

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A high-protein breakfast wakes up your liver and jump-starts your metabolism. When you skip breakfast, your body runs without fuel for many hours and will automatically store fat because it thinks it is in a deprived state.

Eat Frequently

Having a nutritious bite at least every four hours keeps your energy levels up and fat burning.

Resist Before-Bed Eating

Eat dinner at least two to three hours before you retire and try to consume your heavier meals earlier in the day. While you sleep at night, the fat-burning systems in the body slow, rest and repair.