9 Best Ways to Track Your Travel Memories

Unsure what to do with your travel photos and keepsakes? Here are nine clever and creative ways to track your travels.

Lauren Porter Jun, 17, 2016

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Push pin in a map is so old news. Now cork globes serve as an awesome way to put in a pin in all the places you’ve traveled to. Put it on display in a home office or living room and it serves as a reminder of where you’ve been and doubles as a great piece of room decor. 


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While away, send a post card to yourself back home. (Yes that means you actually have to go to the post office!) Detail some of the things you've done, go to the park and describe what your surroundings are like, write down something you hope to do or have already done, ask a local to give you a recipe that you can recreate upon your return. Mail it to yourself that way you have stamps and postage marks from where you’ve been. 

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Instagramming your way through your vacation is a great way to capture photo moments while travelling but even better is when you can create a clever, cute and unique hashtag for your journey no matter where you are. 

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Nothing like sipping tea from a mug you’ve collected from your travels but don’t hid them in your cabinets! Have a special shelf or wall display made custom for mugs and glasses. It will change the mood of your eating space and showcase the design moments you’ve seen from wherever you’ve been.

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Don’t you dare throw those plane or train tickets away! Put them in a picture frame and turn them into art! If you display them your living room, they make from great conversation pieces during dinner parties and family gatherings. 

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Pick up some t-shirts or flags from places you’ve been? Take all the items and have a quilt made! It’s the perfect way to keep all those collectibles in one space that you know will always be special. besides, who wouldn’t want to curl up in a blanket wrapped in the warmth of memories from all the places you’ve traveled to!


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You saw a play and still have the ticket stub? Kept some spare coins you know you won't spend? Held on to cute keepsakes but aren't quite sure what to do with them? Pop them in a shadow box and put it on the wall. Make art out of the leftover collectibles from your trips and you never know what kind of magic you can make. 

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Map out where you’ve been by scratching off a travel map. Just like a lotto scratch off, you can mark countries you’ve seen with a coin. An even better way to keep travel memories close, use currency from the country (i.e. a pence from England or a cent from Spain) to scratch off the country then save the spare change in a mason jar and keep it close by. That way you have a two-for-you memory keepsake close by!


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Yes, photo albums are still a thing! Even if you take all of your photos and upload them to Instagram there are plenty of companies that specialize in turning your digital moments into tangible memories which gives you something to flip through on a rainy day or reminisce with a friend over. 



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